Why we are patient (or, timing matters)

As Marc Andreessen says, “there are no bad ideas in tech, only bad timing.” So many ideas fail not because they are not good but because the time is not right . This is especially true for high tech companies. It was not the right time for MySpace until it was the right time for FaceBook.

Macro-timing matters (social media), but so does micro-timing (Facebook v MySpace).

[quote kevin kelly about how all ideas are inevitable. Also, the expression of the solution matters as with J.K. Rowling and Harry Potter]

Macro-timing is when the technology and the market intersect. Absent either and the idea will not support a growing business. This is when it is inevitable that a solution will be built and get traction. It’s just not clear who will do it.

Micro-timing is when the right people get together to build the right solution for the right customers in the right distribution channel. Who and what these people and places are doesn’t matter, because at this point the solution and traction is inevitable.

A pillar of Artcompiler’s strategy is to solve problems that we think should be solved (micro-timing) and be patient and wait, possibly decades , for resolution (macro-timing).

When you are playing the infinite game, you can wait for the micro and macro to align.

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