Studio Agreement

Here is our draft Artcompiler Studio Agreement.

Variations of the Studio Agreement are envisaged for different configurations of Studio, Founder, and Funder. For example, if Founder and Funder are not the same party, then they would split the equity not owned by Studio. Or, if Studio is also Funder, then it would get Funder equity.

These are the important elements of the agreement:

  • Artcompiler (Studio) and Partner (Founder) establish a project to co-develop one or more B2B SaaS products in the course of 80 weeks in 20 four-week cycles
  • Founder forms an entity (Company) for the purpose of owning the assets of this project
  • Founder pays Artcompiler a discounted fee of $5,000 per four-week cycle for a total of $100,000
  • Studio earns 20% interest in the project in exchange for the discounted fee
  • Founder may buy back a 10% interest in the project for $100,000 within 30 days of the end of the project
  • Founder or Studio may pause or cancel the project at the end of any cycle
  • Upon completion or termination, all intellectual property stays in Company, and any vested equity or payments received are retained by Studio
  • Artcompiler Studio Process describes the development process to be used