[memo] [draft] Question Compiler (questioncompiler.com)


The premise of Question Compiler is that it is expensive and error prone to manually create questions for online learning. Using Graffiticode we automate the generation of questions using existing question types as well as develop new specialized types.

Start with one learning platform (Learnosity) and expand to others. (Khan?)


The protagonist in this story is a learning content author working with the Learnosity platform. They are tasked with creating online assessments for wide ranging subjects and all learning levels.


The problem is that they have a limit range of question types with which to create questions.


The process includes developing novel question types based on educational content that can’t naturally be expressed using available question types. Learnosity customers and partners for ideas about gaps in the set of available question types.


The product is a collection of languages that implement custom question types. These languages are used to write questions that are imported into the customer’s Learnosity item bank. By using graffiticode for authoring, we lower to cost of development and increase the speed and flexibility and expressiveness of the authoring process.


The profits will come from both usage fees for scoring and productized services for authoring questions.