ChartCompiler Thesis


Data visualization is increasingly becoming a part of marketing communication and other forms of reporting. It is less than ideal for the data graphics to be styled differently than the containing content.

Provide a web api for defining and generating static (e.g. svg, png) charts in batch.

Develop integrations for this service into popular data and marketing comms products (e.g. Airtable and Marketo, respectively) and sell through those services marketplaces.


Marketing comms lead who needs to produce customer specific data graphics to include is periodic customer communications. They work with visual designers and data engineers to design and produce data graphics.


Automating the translation of a data set into static charts that can be embedded in a dashboard or emails. This problem sits in the context of selecting and transforming data from database, and embedding the generated charts using a marketing comms platform.


The core process is to turn a table of data into a set of styled charts. A designer, working with the marketing and data engineering, produces a visual design for the chart. A chart type is created for that design. Charts are compiled using the custom chart type and corresponding data.

Advanced customers or we will create the chart types. The core function is generating the charts once defined, not designing them. It is okay, initially, if creating chart types doesn’t scale. The important thing is that once they are created, the customer is able to easily generate chart images en masse.


Provide a web app for showing a gallery of pre-defined chart types, page for managing api keys, console for making API calls, and dashboard for displaying compile metrics.

Initially, the end user has no ability to define charts. If one doesn’t exist that serves their purposes, we will create new ones in exchange for advanced subscription payments.

The user select the chart type, modifies the styles, and then takes it for a spin in the console using test data.


  • Billing period is monthly, collected in arrears
  • Dynamic billing will automatically move the customer to the tier that his cheapest for the number of compiles they used for the current month
  • Customers can set a dollar or unit limit on their account, which if exceeded will result in an API error
  • Generating a single chart may result in multiple compiles

Pricing Table

0TH $1 10 $0.1 100
1ST $10 1,000 $0.01 10,000
2ND $100 100,000 $0.001 1,000,000
3RD $1,000 10,000,000 $0.0001 100,000,000
4TH $10,000 1,000,000,000 $0.00001

Pricing Examples

10 $1.00
11 $1.10
50 $5.00
101 $10.01
5,000 $50.00
10,000 $100.00
50,000 $100.00
100,010 $100.01
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