Artcompiler's Why

Artcompiler exists to help founders turn their ideas into long-term profitable businesses. By founders, we mean expert practitioners (teachers, designers, architects, lawyers, artists, etc) that are audacious enough to think their idea should be turned into a long-term profitable business. These founders exist within startup studios, academia, and all other industries.

The key is that they have an earned secret. They know something that few others know. They have an insight into doing something that many people do every day that they, with our help, can be make better. But most importantly, that they were made to do this kind of thing and they won’t stop until it is done.

Our expertise as software developers allows these domain experts to focus on the problems they know and the solutions they know have value.

We meet these founders anywhere along their journeys from ideation to productization. They might be just considering solutions to a problem they experience in their day to day work. Or, they might already have a prototype solution (spreadsheet or other no-code model). Either way we are here to help them build their idea into a sustainable software business.

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