Artcompiler App Components

We want to automate as much as possible the process of building software businesses. Initially we want to focus on api-first software businesses as it puts the focus on the backend architecture, which is both more foundational to the solution and, thanks to graffiticode, more amenable to abstraction.

By api-first we mean businesses that are built around a web api that is used internally and by paying customers. The core function of every api will be implemented by a language in graffiticode. For example, a chart compiling business would have at its core a language for defining chart types and generating charts of that type. In addition to languages for that deliver on the core value proposition of individual businesses, we will also have languages that we reuse to implement various shared features of all Artcompiler businesses, whether on the marketing or application sites.


  • Graffiticode
  • Firestore


  • NextJS/NextAuth
  • React/TailwindCSS
  • Redux
  • GraphQL (graphql-request, graphql-helix)
  • Firestore

Third Party APIs

  • OAuth providers
  • Twilio
  • Stripe
  • MailChimp